The Norwegian Ambassador encourages sustainable business in Indonesia


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JAKARTA, Indonesia (6 May, 2011)_At a special luncheon held by CIFOR at the ‘B4E- Business for Environment’ meeting in Jakarta, the Ambassador of Norway, H.E. Eivind S. Homme, congratulated Indonesia on its commitment to REDD+ initiatives. Mr Homme reassured Indonesian industry that a sustainable business model will provide a new playing field of opportunities as well as improve forestry governance, policies and practices.

“There is no more time for ‘business as usual’ approaches to the environment and development, in the Heart of Borneo, or indeed anywhere else in the world. If we don’t fight climate change then the poor will suffer, and if we don’t fight it in partnership with business, government and civil society, it will not be sustainable,’ said Homme.

Norway has pledged to support the development and implementation of an Indonesian REDD+ strategy, with up to US1 billion available over a period of six or more years. The Indonesian government is taking a pioneering role in REDD+ projects across the archipelago.

Find the full video of Mr Homme’s speech below.


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