Promoting sustainable products in developing countries


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Companies such as Carrefour support regulatory changes from government to develop responsible forest management practices and certification standards. Photo courtesy of Keith Miller/flickr

JAKARTA, Indonesia (6 May, 2011)_Businesses are making an effort to go green in Indonesia, participants were told at the Business for Environment summit held in Jakarta last week.

As part of its sustainable-development policy, the Carrefour Group has made a commitment to respecting the environment in three key areas, namely protecting natural resources and biodiversity, contributing to the fight against climate change and reducing product waste through optimized recycling.

At a special luncheon held by CIFOR at the ‘B4E- Business for Environment’ meeting in Jakarta, Corporate Affairs Director of PT Carrefour Indonesia, Adji Srihandoyo, discussed the economic opportunities and challenges of promoting the consumption of sustainable products in developing countries.


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