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Hi, Thanks, I will send out a polex message shortly presenting some of these poll results,

many thanks, David

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Subject: RES: Beefing up the Brazilian Amazon; opinion poll

Dear Coleagues,

Please find attached below a text on a public opinion poll conducted in the Brazilian Amazon –

and in Portuguese – about peopl’s opinion on forest conservation and related subjects. The

main aspects of the poll:

– 2049 people were interviewed both in urban and rural areas of 3 Brazilian Amazon states

– Forest conservation is considered the main priority;

– 46% considered sustainable of natural resources to be a priority;

– 59% don’t want more pollution, even if it means more jobs;

– 69% don’t consider progress more important than conservation; the conscept of sustainable

development is not well known: only 21 % of the people have heard about it

More information can be obtained from:

Another public opinion research “What Brazilians think about the environment”, conducted in

all Brazilian regions, shows that deforestation is considered the worst environmental problem

with 49% of the answers, followed by water pollution (29%) and air pollution (15%). More about

it at

Talkink from my extensive personal experience in the Amazon, I believe that there is a small

bias, just a small one, in the Amazonian poll, as people tend to say what they think the

interviewer wants to hear. The item on jobs is the one that I find tricky.

For those who can’t read Portuguese and are interested in knowing more about specific

subjects, I can try to help.


Luiz Carlos de Miranda Joels

Gerente de Programa

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