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Nouveau guide vise à accroître l’importance des forêts pour un grand groupe marginalisé
Posted in: Community forestry, Conservation, French, Gender, General News, Governance
State of sustainability: For three forest-based commodities, ‘a long way to go’
Posted in: Biodiversity, certification, Climate Change, Conservation, English, Food security, Gender, General News, Governance, Landscapes, Livelihoods, Production forests, tenure, Trade
Is the landscape approach good for forests?
Posted in: DG's Blog, English, Landscapes
Food and forests: Bolivia’s balancing act
Posted in: Climate Change, Conservation, English, Food security, General News, Governance, Landscapes, REDD+
Un partenaire improbable pour protéger les forêts et ralentir le changement climatique
Posted in: Climate Change, French, General News, REDD+
Éclaircir «l’approche paysagère»: sommes-nous sur la bonne voie?
Posted in: French, Landscapes, POLEX: Un blog des experts en politique forestière
Nouvelle étude: comment interagissent les différentes politiques d’utilisation des terres?
Posted in: Conservation, French, General News, Landscapes
Project ‘discovers’ uncharted forests—and charts new direction in land-use planning
Posted in: Community forestry, Conservation, English, EU, General News, Governance, Landscapes, tenure
On women and social sciences, forestry institutions still missing the picture, expert says
Posted in: English, Gender, General News, Landscapes