In focus Bushmeat

Feature - 27 Feb 2016
Traditional beliefs in Colombia have the inadvertent effect of supporting wildlife conservation.
Event Coverage - 18 Jul 2012
CIFOR presents new findings at the IUFRO-FORNESSA Africa Congress.

Video Q&A - 16 Jan 2017
Getting the facts on gender and biodiversity
An interview with Catalina Santamaria at CBD COP13
News - 26 Oct 2016
Understanding the ways we use wildlife
In the Congo Basin, looking at Pygmy and non-Pygmy impacts on forests
News - 29 Jul 2016
Agouti on the wedding menu
New study examines how bushmeat is evolving from forest to garden hunting, and from a food staple to a wedding delicacy in the Ecuadorian Amazon.
News - 27 Jul 2016
YouTube hunting videos offer scientists invaluable insight
New research analyzes hundreds of YouTube sports hunting videos in order to better understand the motive of Brazilian sport hunters.
Feature - 15 Jul 2016
Striking a balance in bushmeat studies
Understanding wildlife hunting means knowing people, animals and the numbers
Video - 12 Jul 2016
Hunting for sustainability
Improving food security and nutrition for hunters in the Columbian Amazon
News - 7 Jun 2016
Mapping Ebola
A new method for tracking the virus could help prevent outbreaks.
News - 7 Jun 2016
Mapping Ebola
Feature - 24 Feb 2016
From the Congo to the Amazon, hunters speak the same language
Hunters in Africa are already learning from how their counterparts in Latin America are managing wildlife.
News - 12 Feb 2016
Why reports of the duiker’s demise were greatly exaggerated
When it comes to hunting animals for bushmeat, how much is too much?
Feature - 9 Feb 2016
Game hunting in the Amazon? There’s an app for that
Indigenous hunters in Colombia are keeping track of their prey and harvest on their mobile phones.
Feature - 4 Feb 2016
Mix up the diet with some wild meat
Bushmeat is an important source of protein for rural villages in the Colombian Amazon (plus, they say, it tastes great!)