In focus Bushmeat

Video Q&A - 16 Jan 2017
An interview with Catalina Santamaria at CBD COP13
Feature - 15 Jul 2016
Understanding wildlife hunting means knowing people, animals and the numbers

News - 26 Oct 2016
Understanding the ways we use wildlife
In the Congo Basin, looking at Pygmy and non-Pygmy impacts on forests
News - 29 Jul 2016
Agouti on the wedding menu
New study examines how bushmeat is evolving from forest to garden hunting, and from a food staple to a wedding delicacy in the Ecuadorian Amazon.
News - 27 Jul 2016
YouTube hunting videos offer scientists invaluable insight
New research analyzes hundreds of YouTube sports hunting videos in order to better understand the motive of Brazilian sport hunters.
Video - 12 Jul 2016
Hunting for sustainability
Improving food security and nutrition for hunters in the Columbian Amazon
News - 7 Jun 2016
Mapping Ebola
A new method for tracking the virus could help prevent outbreaks.
News - 7 Jun 2016
Mapping Ebola
Feature - 27 Feb 2016
Conservation by another name: Traditions, taboos and hunting
Traditional beliefs in Colombia have the inadvertent effect of supporting wildlife conservation.
Feature - 24 Feb 2016
From the Congo to the Amazon, hunters speak the same language
Hunters in Africa are already learning from how their counterparts in Latin America are managing wildlife.
News - 12 Feb 2016
Why reports of the duiker’s demise were greatly exaggerated
When it comes to hunting animals for bushmeat, how much is too much?
Feature - 9 Feb 2016
Game hunting in the Amazon? There’s an app for that
Indigenous hunters in Colombia are keeping track of their prey and harvest on their mobile phones.
Feature - 4 Feb 2016
Mix up the diet with some wild meat
Bushmeat is an important source of protein for rural villages in the Colombian Amazon (plus, they say, it tastes great!)
Feature - 20 Jan 2016
On the trail of Colombia’s bushmeat trade
The trade in wild meat in Amazonian Colombia has stayed largely out of sight, and so has not been studied—until now.