In focus Climate change

News - 9 May 2017
Why blazes can ignite, even in damp conditions
Analysis - 12 May 2017
Meeting seeks to create a rule book for the Paris Agreement

Video Q&A - 22 May 2017
Tim Christophersen of UN Environment: ‘Peatlands are one of the least-understood ecosystems.’
Why peatlands have remained under the radar, despite being among the most important terrestrial ecosystems for the fight against climate change
Interview - 16 May 2017
Preserving precious peat in the Congo Basin
How the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) could bring a recently-discovered peatland into its REDD process
News - 4 Apr 2017
REDD+ pioneers or guinea pigs?
Locals voice concerns over top-down climate action projects in Central Kalimantan
Interview - 3 Apr 2017
What is CarboScen?
A new tool for estimating changes in carbon density in dynamic landscapes
DG’s Column - 30 Mar 2017
One number to rule them all
Can we agree on the extent of global deforestation?
News - 22 Mar 2017
Linking trees and water
Save forests, or lose the rain
Video - 21 Mar 2017
Forests and energy: What’s the connection?
An interview with DG Peter Holmgren and Scientist Himlal Baral
Quiz - 21 Mar 2017
Think you know forests?
Test your knowledge with our quiz for the International Day of Forests
DG’s Column - 20 Mar 2017
Splitting hairs over splitting wood
Short-term disputes must not burn bridges for the bioenergy solutions we need
News - 16 Feb 2017
Blue carbon science for sustainable development
Interest is growing among the scientific community about the powerful carbon capture and storage potential of mangroves
Analysis - 24 Jan 2017
Increasing accountability in the Paris Agreement
New research provides insight into the role of independent monitoring approaches in enhancing transparency in the land use sector