In focus Climate talks

News - 12 Aug 2015
Researchers find NGOs, civil society, government and business groups are failing to work together.
News - 28 Jul 2015
Indonesian mangroves store some 3.14 billion tonnes of carbon – so preserving them could help the country slash emissions.

Analysis - 15 Nov 2016
COP22 Special: Progress in Marrakesh
A midway summary of the week’s global climate negotiations
Analysis - 4 Nov 2016
COP22 Special: The Medina, souks and the ‘COP of Action’
Top 10 things to watch out for at the COP22 concerning forests and land use
Analysis - 22 Sep 2016
The rush to ratification of the Paris Agreement
Climate change in the context of sustainable development
Analysis - 10 Aug 2016
IPCC 1.5°C Special Report: More questions than answers when it comes to land use and forests
What to consider ahead of the meeting in Geneva from 15-17 August, which will outline the Special Report's scope.
Video Q&A - 24 Jun 2016
COP22’s Ayman Cherkaoui on the road from Paris to Marrakesh
Fourth installment in a series of interviews from the 2016 Global Landscapes Forum - The Investment Case
Event Coverage - 13 Jun 2016
2016 Global Landscapes Forum: Connecting funds to farms and forests (Part 2)
Attendees of this year's Global Landscapes Forum in London discuss concrete solutions to boost private sector investment in landscapes- from greening supply...
Event Coverage - 11 Jun 2016
2016 Global Landscapes Forum: Connecting funds to farms and forests (Part 1)
Interest in finance for development and environment has reached a new level of prominence, as witnessed at the 2016 Global Landscapes Forum in London.
Event Coverage - 10 Jun 2016
Watch: Highlights video from the 2016 Global Landscapes Forum- The Investment Case
Private sector investment in landscapes is no passing fad- it’s here to stay. That was the driving consensus among the 300+ participants at this year's...
Analysis - 23 Apr 2016
Paris Agreement signed. Now what?
Here’s what to consider as the global climate agreement set in motion at the COP21 in Paris moves towards implementation.
News - 22 Apr 2016
The importance of integration
Why an integrated approach to the Sustainable Development Goals is necessary to ensure their success and protect the planet and its people.