In focus Community forestry

Interview - 7 Mar 2017
New reader compiles 30 years of research conducted on this perennially relevant topic
Analysis - 20 Feb 2017
In a fresh start in customary forest recognition by the State, President Joko Widodo bestows the right to manage customary forests on nine indigenous communities

News - 15 Mar 2017
Tenure and trade: How to make a living from the forests of Nepal
Tension between the broader devolution of rights to communities and specific forest regulations hamper the development of sustainable eco-businesses
Analysis - 3 Mar 2017
The chicken or the egg?
What should come first: A research publication, or an impassioned blog post? A case study of Zambia’s mukula tree
News - 6 Feb 2017
An environmental balancing act
Measuring the effectiveness of landscape approaches to conservation and development
News - 2 Feb 2017
Where the land meets the sea: Governing mangrove forests
As countries ponder how to encourage mangrove conservation, the role of people, rights, and governance institutions should receive equal consideration
News - 1 Feb 2017
Protecting Tanzania’s mangroves
Why the current conservation scheme is falling short, and alternative approaches to strengthen it
Analysis - 30 Jan 2017
The human element of mangrove management
Forests News invited Stephen Brooks, Land Tenure and Resource Governance Advisor for USAID, to write this special guest article in advance of World Wetlands...
Photo Essay - 26 Jan 2017
Decoding Cameroon’s domestic timber trade
Behind a lucrative sector operating in the shadows
Video Q&A - 18 Jan 2017
‘Restoration starts on the ground’
CIFOR scientist Manuel Guariguata speaks at CBD COP13
Video - 11 Jan 2017
Legalizing Cameroon’s timber production chain
Timber produced for domestic consumption is generally absent from official statistics and produced without a valid permit. What gives?
Analysis - 8 Jan 2017
How effective are tropical forest conservation policies?
New collection of research analyzes why some conservation initiatives outperform others
News - 5 Jan 2017
Gender relations in forestry: beyond a headcount
Enabling rural women in India to serve as agents of environmental change goes beyond just a numbers game