In focus Community forestry

Analysis - 27 Aug 2014
It's about muddling through and being flexible enough to adapt to change.
Event Coverage - 23 May 2017
How Indonesian community leaders are fighting back to preserve their peatlands

News - 22 Jun 2017
Nepal’s ecosystems: Aiming for new heights
Realizing local and global benefits from community-based forestry
News - 21 Jun 2017
Long road ahead to indigenous land and forest rights in Peru
Regulatory reforms encounter both progress and setbacks
Event Coverage - 2 Jun 2017
Eyes on the livelihoods of peatland communities
Global market demands and ecological conditions force ground-level change – and collaboration
Event Coverage - 19 May 2017
Event highlights: Global Landscapes Forum – Peatlands Matter
Local communities at the forefront of sustainability efforts on peatlands
Analysis - 4 May 2017
Peatland fire policy: From past to present
Analyzing 20 years of peat fire management intervention in Indonesia
News - 3 May 2017
Local law and order
Can communities and legislation stop Indonesian peatfires?
News - 3 May 2017
Local law and order
Analysis - 25 Apr 2017
Collective forest tenure reforms: Where do we go from here?
A scientist’s reflection on the 2017 World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty
News - 31 Mar 2017
Three decades of tenure reform in Indonesia
A guide to the 'when', 'what' and 'why' of changing rights over resources
News - 15 Mar 2017
Tenure and trade: How to make a living from the forests of Nepal
Tension between the broader devolution of rights to communities and specific forest regulations hamper the development of sustainable eco-businesses
Interview - 7 Mar 2017
Gender and Forests
New reader compiles 30 years of research conducted on this perennially relevant topic
Analysis - 3 Mar 2017
The chicken or the egg?
What should come first: A research publication, or an impassioned blog post? A case study of Zambia’s mukula tree