In focus Fire & haze

DG’s Column - 26 Oct 2015
What can we do to break the cycle of the haze over the long term? How might we address the underlying drivers and achieve sustainable solutions?
Fact File - 30 Oct 2015
What are the costs of the fires? Why do they start? How does the smoke affect health and wildlife? What happens next? Answers to these and more ...

Feature - 13 Nov 2015
Work to avoid further fires starts now
Indonesia risks another round of forest and land fires, but they can be prevented with long-term solutions and political will.
Video - 13 Nov 2015
Beyond the blaze: What next for Indonesia’s forests?
The worst of Indonesia's 2015 fires appear to be over, but work must continue to prevent another crisis in coming months.
Video - 30 Oct 2015
Indonesia on fire
Join scientists as they visit the burning peatland in Central Kalimantan and describe the causes and effects.
Feature - 29 Oct 2015
Indonesia on fire again … and again?
The fires in Indonesia have made global headlines—but this is a decades-old, recurring problem that needs long-term solutions.
Photo Essay - 27 Oct 2015
Life amid the fires and haze of Central Kalimantan
A visual journey through smoke-covered landscapes and villages
Video - 21 Oct 2015
Where there’s smoke, there’s toxic gas
Scientists analyze the smoke spilling out of the smoldering peatlands of Central Kalimantan.
Analysis - 26 Aug 2015
Political economy of fire and haze: Moving to long-term solutions
Indonesia can stamp out forest and land fires, but it will take some serious action.
Fact File - 25 Aug 2015
Q&A on fires and haze in Southeast Asia
As El Niño stirs up more fires in Indonesia, we look at the facts from last year's haze crisis in Singapore.
News - 30 Jun 2015
The Political Economy of Fire and Haze in Indonesia
CIFOR to work with UK Department for International Development to tackle the problem.
Analysis - 22 Apr 2015
Satellites can mislead: policy makers beware!
Policymakers must resist the temptation to mistake the map for the territory.
News - 14 Jan 2015
Peatland loss could emit 2,800 years’ worth of carbon in an evolutionary eyeblink: study
More than 100,000 hectares of peatland forests are destroyed each year for oil palm and agricultural plantations.