In focus Food security

News - 1 Mar 2017
Research shows that food and forests go hand in hand
News - 8 Feb 2017
New research quantifies the consumption of forest foods and compares them with dietary guidelines

News - 27 Mar 2017
Remittances and reforestation
Why returning migrants plant trees in Tajikistan
Interview - 23 Jan 2017
Time to get it together on mitigation and adaptation
An interview with scientist Bruno Locatelli on improving the design of climate change projects
Video Q&A - 16 Jan 2017
Getting the facts on gender and biodiversity
An interview with Catalina Santamaria at CBD COP13
Event Coverage - 18 Nov 2016
GLF Special: Forgotten Forests of the Sahel
Experts discussed key initiatives to address challenges in restoring African drylands during the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) in Marrakesh
News - 26 Oct 2016
Understanding the ways we use wildlife
In the Congo Basin, looking at Pygmy and non-Pygmy impacts on forests
Analysis - 18 Oct 2016
Quality over quantity: Changing diets and consumption
Online discussion for World Food Day sheds light on alternative ways to achieve global food security and sustainability
Interview - 17 Oct 2016
Nutrition and landscapes
To celebrate World Food Day, CIFOR scientist Amy Ickowitz shares her views on why forests are important for nutrition.
Analysis - 5 Oct 2016
Are smallholders really to blame?
Researchers take a close look at the deforestation narrative in Peru
News - 1 Aug 2016
Eat your vegetation
Linking landscapes to children’s diets in Indonesia.
News - 1 Aug 2016
Eat your vegetation
News - 29 Jul 2016
Agouti on the wedding menu
New study examines how bushmeat is evolving from forest to garden hunting, and from a food staple to a wedding delicacy in the Ecuadorian Amazon.
News - 28 Jul 2016
When small meets big in the value chain
Smallholder farmers can benefit from partnerships with large organizations, but power dynamics can put them at a disadvantage.