In focus Oil palm

Analysis - 7 Jan 2016
Corporations and government share the goal of sustainable economic development but each faces its own challenges – so which rules should apply?
News - 26 Sep 2016
New study analyzes four decades of satellite images – overturning assumptions about the role of industrial plantations in Borneo forest loss

News - 11 Apr 2017
In complex palm industry, “certified sustainable” falls short
Study assesses the social, economic and environmental impact of palm oil certification
Event Coverage - 8 Mar 2017
Voices of women in palm oil
Research seeks to shed light on women’s experiences in one of Indonesia's fastest-growing industries
Video - 6 Mar 2017
Gender and oil palm
Examining gender gaps in Indonesia's palm oil industry
News - 15 Feb 2017
For a better Borneo, new map reveals how much terrain has changed
New atlas displays 40 years of human impacts on forests – from fires to logging to industrial plantations and more
News - 28 Jul 2016
When small meets big in the value chain
Smallholder farmers can benefit from partnerships with large organizations, but power dynamics can put them at a disadvantage.
Video Q&A - 19 Jul 2016
Situating smallholders at the fore
Empowering smallholders is essential for economic development – and to protect forests
News - 5 Jul 2016
Backwards from gender equality: Oil palm’s impact on Dayak women
Land use change is transforming women's status in East Kalimantan, research shows
Analysis - 1 Jul 2016
What do locals think of large-scale tree plantations?
Tree type can make a difference for people living near plantations in Indonesia.
Feature - 31 May 2016
Leveraging finance to support solutions for smallholders
Financing sustainable landscapes - especially those associated with oil palm - is a delicate puzzle, but one with possibilities.
10 May 2016
What will it take to make sustainable palm oil the norm?
New study examines the factors driving commitments to responsible production of a controversial global commodity.
Analysis - 17 Mar 2016
Why ‘zero deforestation’ is only one piece of the sustainability puzzle
Lessons from the Brazilian Amazon show it’s important to shift toward more sustainable land uses and look for ways to intensify beef production.