In focus Wetlands

Fact File - 28 Jul 2015
Ugly, smelly, overlooked ... and a wonderland for environmental protection and people's livelihoods.
News - 2 Feb 2017
As countries ponder how to encourage mangrove conservation, the role of people, rights, and governance institutions should receive equal consideration

News - 1 Feb 2017
Protecting Tanzania’s mangroves
Why the current conservation scheme is falling short, and alternative approaches to strengthen it
Analysis - 30 Jan 2017
The human element of mangrove management
Forests News invited Stephen Brooks, Land Tenure and Resource Governance Advisor for USAID, to write this special guest article in advance of World Wetlands...
Video Q&A - 1 Dec 2016
Nazir Foead: ‘The keyword for us is cooperation’
The head of Indonesia’s Peatland Restoration Agency on the importance of taking a landscape approach
Event Coverage - 23 Nov 2016
COP22 Special: Research in action
5 ways forestry research contributed to global climate discussions in Marrakesh
Analysis - 7 Nov 2016
COP22 Special: Why should we care about coastal blue carbon?
For the first time ever, oceans will be on the agenda at the international climate talks (COP22), which kicked off today in Marrakesh. Here's why.
News - 3 Nov 2016
Re-examining Indonesia’s land and forest fires
A new CIFOR study shows that to identify responsibility for the problem of forest and land fires, maps and satellites are not enough
Photo Essay - 1 Nov 2016
Living in a toxic haze
The daily reality of Indonesia's peatland fires
News - 27 Oct 2016
Growing new energy
A bioenergy trial in Central Kalimantan aims to restore land and boost livelihoods
News - 27 Oct 2016
Growing new energy
Analysis - 28 Sep 2016
Tax amnesty, the green economy and peat restoration
How extra cash generated from Indonesia’s new tax amnesty program could boost the country’s green economy.
Interview - 27 Sep 2016
A map of the world’s wetlands
Scientist Daniel Murdiyarso explains why it’s a key tool for action on climate change
News - 28 Jun 2016
On land and in space, understanding the impacts of fires
To measure greenhouse gas emissions from the fires in maritime Southeast Asia in 2015, a variety of methods and expertise coalesced