In focus Climate change

News - 30 Jun 2017
Participatory monitoring for REDD+ put to the test
News - 16 Jun 2017
Is eating a kilogram of shrimp worth 1600 kilos of greenhouse emissions?

Analysis - 27 Jun 2017
REDD+ results-based finance
What’s causing the holdup?
Analysis - 23 Jun 2017
Can REDD+ help Brazil roll back rising deforestation rates?
Role of REDD+ in stemming deforestation since 2004 is unclear—as is its potential for reversing the recent upward trend
Video - 29 May 2017
Lera Miles of UN Environment: ‘There’s much more peatland there than anyone had ever anticipated’
Why the international community should do its part to support the Congo Basin countries in preserving their peatlands
News - 26 May 2017
Congo’s hidden carbon
Why the massive carbon stocks of the Congo Basin have until now gone unnoticed
Event Coverage - 24 May 2017
‘Black gold’ for climate mitigation
Measuring the wealth of carbon stocks in peatlands
Video - 22 May 2017
Tim Christophersen of UN Environment: ‘Peatlands are one of the least-understood ecosystems.’
Why peatlands have remained under the radar, despite being among the most important terrestrial ecosystems for the fight against climate change
Interview - 16 May 2017
Preserving precious peat in the Congo Basin
How the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) could bring a recently-discovered peatland into its REDD process
Analysis - 12 May 2017
Getting down to business in Bonn
Meeting seeks to create a rule book for the Paris Agreement
News - 9 May 2017
Wet and Wild: Indonesian Forest Fires
Why blazes can ignite, even in damp conditions
News - 8 May 2017
It’s too soon to bury REDD+
Scientists argue that REDD+, though troubled, is not dead
News - 4 Apr 2017
REDD+ pioneers or guinea pigs?
Locals voice concerns over top-down climate action projects in Central Kalimantan