In focus Timber trade

Analysis - 10 Jan 2017
A new report peels off the layers of complexity surrounding illegal logging, clarifying where and when interventions are needed
News - 28 Sep 2014
Chinese logging in Zambia is somewhat unusual, with small companies started with migrant savings.

Analysis - 3 Mar 2017
The chicken or the egg?
What should come first: A research publication, or an impassioned blog post? A case study of Zambia’s mukula tree
Photo Essay - 26 Jan 2017
Decoding Cameroon’s domestic timber trade
Behind a lucrative sector operating in the shadows
Video - 11 Jan 2017
Legalizing Cameroon’s timber production chain
Timber produced for domestic consumption is generally absent from official statistics and produced without a valid permit. What gives?
Analysis - 9 Aug 2016
Brexit rattles RI-European timber trade prospects
Post-Brexit concerns have largely centered on global political and economic repercussions, but environmental ones should not be ignored.
Feature - 2 Aug 2016
Industrious thinking
Indonesia’s timber going green – and global
News - 7 Apr 2016
Timber laws set to shake up local industry
In Indonesia, a country with a large informal sector in almost everything, legalizing timber production is tricky business.
Analysis - 5 Apr 2016
Could timber plantations boost forest conservation?
The benefits may extend well beyond increased production.
News - 7 Oct 2015
In Ethiopia, jobs might grow on trees
Industrial timber plantations could provide a way for Ethiopia to reduce rural unemployment and conserve natural forests.
News - 6 Oct 2015
Growth in Chile’s plantations may have spelled growth in poverty
Chile’s industrial tree plantations are making a lot of money … but not necessarily for the people who live near them.
News - 23 Feb 2015
EU plan to curb illegal logging: Think big by thinking small?
Policymakers urged to work with local farmers, or risk turning them into 'outlaws'.