In focus Fire & haze

Photo Essay - 18 May 2017
The daily reality of Indonesia's peatland fires
DG’s Column - 26 Oct 2015
What can we do to break the cycle of the haze over the long term? How might we address the underlying drivers and achieve sustainable solutions?

News - 28 Jun 2016
On land and in space, understanding the impacts of fires
To measure greenhouse gas emissions from the fires in maritime Southeast Asia in 2015, a variety of methods and expertise coalesced
Feature - 13 Nov 2015
Work to avoid further fires starts now
Indonesia risks another round of forest and land fires, but they can be prevented with long-term solutions and political will.
Video - 13 Nov 2015
Beyond the blaze: What next for Indonesia’s forests?
The worst of Indonesia's 2015 fires appear to be over, but work must continue to prevent another crisis in coming months.
Video - 30 Oct 2015
Indonesia on fire
Join scientists as they visit the burning peatland in Central Kalimantan and describe the causes and effects.
Video - 30 Oct 2015
Indonesia on fire
Feature - 29 Oct 2015
Indonesia on fire again … and again?
The fires in Indonesia have made global headlines—but this is a decades-old, recurring problem that needs long-term solutions.
Photo Essay - 27 Oct 2015
Life amid the fires and haze of Central Kalimantan
A visual journey through smoke-covered landscapes and villages
Video - 21 Oct 2015
Where there’s smoke, there’s toxic gas
Scientists analyze the smoke spilling out of the smoldering peatlands of Central Kalimantan.
Feature - 21 Oct 2015
Don’t inhale: Scientists look at what the Indonesian haze is made of
Measurements of particles and toxic gases in smoke in fire-ravaged Kalimantan show the health hazards may be even worse than feared.
Analysis - 26 Aug 2015
Political economy of fire and haze: Moving to long-term solutions
Indonesia can stamp out forest and land fires, but it will take some serious action.
Fact File - 25 Aug 2015
Q&A on fires and haze in Southeast Asia
As El Niño stirs up more fires in Indonesia, we look at the facts from last year's haze crisis in Singapore.
News - 30 Jun 2015
The Political Economy of Fire and Haze in Indonesia
CIFOR to work with UK Department for International Development to tackle the problem.