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Event Coverage - 18 Jul 2017
National policy dialogue puts focus on the EU timber license’s challenges and opportunities for small businesses
Analysis - 24 Feb 2015
Research suggests tenure reform in Africa produces relatively modest gains.

News - 16 Aug 2017
On the edge of forests, change comes in many forms
New research into land-use change extends from diet impacts to satellite mapping, and spans the globe
Video Q&A - 1 Aug 2017
FLEGT in Indonesia: An interview with Sulthon M. Amin
What the scheme means for traditional craftsmen
Video Q&A - 31 Jul 2017
FLEGT in Indonesia: An interview with Charles-Michel Geurts
What the licensing scheme means for Indonesia and the EU
Interview - 28 Jul 2017
There is more to farming than yields, and more to forests than trees
In balancing conservation concerns and agricultural aims, there are other factors to consider, including what farmers want and what happens to crops growing...
Analysis - 20 Jul 2017
Advancing equity and inclusiveness in forest management and certification
Decision-making mechanisms solely based on externally-determined rules could make meaningful involvement of women and marginalized groups difficult
Photo Essay - 12 Jul 2017
Helping Indonesian craftsmen go global, sustainably
Mechanisms to ensure wood is legally sourced are essential to conserve forests, and can also help small businesses expand exports, thereby increasing incomes
News - 11 Jul 2017
Forests as food
New report highlights the important relationship between forest landscapes and healthy diets
News - 11 Jul 2017
Forests as food
News - 5 Jul 2017
Is REDD+ playing fair?
Lessons from Vietnam for protecting forests
News - 22 Jun 2017
Nepal’s ecosystems: Aiming for new heights
Realizing local and global benefits from community-based forestry