CIFOR in The Guardian: Don’t leave forests out of the Sustainable Development Goals

CIFOR DIrector General urges policymakers to consider sustainable landscapes.
A cinnamon farmer, Hadari, harvesting cinnamon in the forest near Lubuk Beringin village, Bungo district, Jambi province, Indonesia. Forests have become an integral part of Lubuk Beringin, Jambi province, as the villagers have carried out forest management and exploitation in a sustainable manner by implementing traditional values. Tri Saputro/CIFOR

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The immense value of forests is well-known to global policymakers — so why have development interventions largely failed to harness the positive contributions of forested landscapes?

In an article published online by The Guardian newspaper, CIFOR Director General Peter Holmgren explains why — and poses potential solutions for placing forests more prominently in the global development agenda.


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